Update on Ninja’s World New Features

1. Branch tasks of Hunt Forest and Ninja Trial are playable. Accounts of at least level 10 are eligible to enter.

2. There are three chapters in Ninja Trial: Authentic Waterfall, Gama Temple, and Path of Kunoichi. And there are two chapters in Hunter Forest: Hunter Forest and Land of Rain.

In the chapter of Authentic Waterfall, monsters are physical immuned while in the chapter of Gama Temple, monsters are magical immuned. In the chapter of Path of Kunoichi, only female ninja can join the battle.

Chapters of Hunter Forest and Land of Rain are relatively easy because monsters are not with special skills, that’s why the two chapters are more friendly to starters.

3. Ninjutsu equips will be dropped in the new tasks, and it costs 3 stamina for one battle to get 2–4 equips or fractions. No golds will be rewarded, but the exp of the squad will increase like in the main quest.

4. There are 7 levels of difficulty to choose for each branch task. The higher level of difficulty you choose, the more equips will be dropped.

Accounts of at least level 10, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 are respectively required to choose the 7 levels of difficulty. Please be noted that you can only challenge the first 4 levels of difficulty since the highest available account level is 60.

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