/  GVG Guild Mining Contest is coming!

GVG Guild Mining Contest is coming!

Rank rule:

Guilds will be ranked by the weight value= the number of guild members*20+the number of NFTs owned by members*50+all Ninja power*0.01
Total rewards per day: 10,000 NJC

(The exact number of NJW and NJC rewards will be adjusted according to the market, and the adjustment will be notified in advance.)

The contest is estimated to start on Feb 14, 2022

For example

There are 2 guilds: Guild-A,Guild-B

Guild-A: There are 50 members with 200 Ninja NFTs in total, and the power of all Ninja is 50,000.
So the weight value of Guild-A is 50*20+200*50+50000*0.01=16000

Guild-B: There are 40 members with 150 Ninja NFTs in total, and the power of all Ninja is 40,000.
So the weight value of Guild-B is 40*20+150*50+40000*0.01=12300

The weight value of all guilds is 16000+12300=28300

Guild-A gets 5,650 NJC, accounting for 56.5% of the total reward.

Guild-B gets 4,350 NJC, accounting for 43.5% of the total reward.

The mining rewards of NJC will be sent to guild admins, and the admins can distribute the rewards to their guild members autonomously.

Official address for batch token transfer:


Token transfer format:

Address1,Token symbol Number
Address2,Token symbol Number
Address3,Token symbol Number

Or please upload by the following format

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