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GVG Rules

Ninja’s World, the first GVG (guild vs guild) GameFi on Polygon, is launching its GVG War section on Feb 28.
The GVG section includes Guild Worship, Ninja Mercenary, and Guild War. Ninja’s World is also the 2nd GVG GameFi in the world. As the core gameplay of large-scale network games, GVG diversifies the gameplay of GameFi which is simply featured with PVE and PVP. GVG+DeFi entitles guilds to personalized services.

Guild worship:

Guild members can worship others who are 3 levels higher to get rewards once per day. The members who are worshipped get no rewards.

Free worship: To get 3 points of stamina

25 NJC for worship: To get 6 points of stamina

50 NJC for worship: To get 9 points of stamina

Ninja mercenary:

Guild members can leave their Ninja in the Mercenary Camp for renting. Each member can rent out no more than 2 Ninja to other members.

The cost of renting a Ninja each time: 10+ Ninja rank/3 + (Ninja quality-1)*2 + (Ninja rarity-1)*10. Only the integer is counted.  

The profits earned by the renter: Ninja rank/3 + (Ninja quality-1)*2 + (Ninja rarity-1)*10. 10 NJC is deducted by the game system.

The mercenaries in the camp won’t get profits any more as time goes by.

GVG guild war:

Guild battles are arranged randomly. The winning guild can get great rewards.

  1. Guild wars take place every night and there is one hour for preparation before the war starts.
  2. Guilds cannot start the battle any more after the one-hour preparation.
  3. The chairman of a guild must pay NJC for starting a battle.
  4. A guild that starts a battle must consist of more than 15 members.
  5. Only the chairman can start a battle.
  6. After a battle is started, the game system will match a guild to you randomly. If there are an odd number of guilds starting battles, a random one of them will fail for the match.
  7. All guild members will have one hour for the line-up after a battle is started. No line-up can be performed when passing the preparation time or without starting a battle.

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